Chen Hsong Makes a Mark at Plastivision India 2023 with Cutting-Edge Injection Moulding Solutions

Plastivision India, held every three years, ranks among the top ten global plastic exhibitions and is highly regarded internationally for its significant influence. From 7-11 December, Plastivision India 2023 unfolded a new chapter at the Mumbai Exhibition Centre, attracting thousands of renowned companies from home and abroad. These companies aim to display cutting-edge technology, products, trends, and applications to drive high-quality development in the industry.

Advanced Moulding Solutions for India’s Diverse Industries

In a compelling display of commitment and innovation at this year’s Plastivision India, Chen Hsong showcased a diverse range of cutting-edge injection moulding machines and holistic solutions. The lineup featured the SM700-TP, JM408-MK6.6/SI, JM268-DM III, SPEED 258, and SM180-SPARK, all exhibited at Booth No.: Hall 1, Stand C4.

These state-of-the-art machines are designed to superbly address the robust supply needs of various industries in India, including packaging, automotive, home appliances, 3C electronics, medical, and consumer goods.

This presentation not only highlighted Chen Hsong’s advanced technology but also solidified its reputation as a powerhouse in meeting and exceeding the expectations of the Indian market.

Spotlight on the Exciting Event+


Chen Hsong’s SM700-TP showcased the production of a ‘tea table,’ using PP material, weighing approximately 1.8kg with a moulding cycle of about 60 seconds, balancing production efficiency and quality.

The TP series is a large double-platen injection moulding machine, recognised for its advanced technology and efficiency, integrating several international patented innovations. It’s noted for its energy efficiency, precision, stability, and value for money, receiving accolades for its large injection moulding solutions.

DM III Series

The DM III series, a result of Chen Hsong’s 25-year focus on multi-material injection moulding, features 4 core technologies, 2 advanced electronic control systems, and 5 precision components, offering exceptional advantages in precision, intelligence, stability, and efficiency.

The JM268-DM III demonstrated a ‘dual-material coaster’ production. Made from ABS+TPE, each item weighs 31g with a 43-second moulding cycle. The series impressed with its stability and consistency in high-precision production, adeptly handling multi-material moulding processes, drawing considerable attention and enthusiasm from the audience.

MK6.6SI Series

The JM408-MK6.6SI presented the injection moulding of a ‘drain basket.’ Using PPCP+PPHP materials, each product weighs 350g with a 45-second moulding cycle.

SPEED Series

SPEED 258 showcased the production of ‘1000ml containers’ with in-mould labelling, using PP material, with each item weighing 24g and a moulding cycle of under 5 seconds.

SPARK Series

The SPARK series all-electric SM180-SPARK from Chen Hsong, equipped with precision motors, linear guides, patented templates, specialised screws, and other hardware components, seamlessly integrates with smart controllers and high-sensitivity sensors. This fusion of hardware and software enables the equipment to fulfil customer demands for injection moulding that requires high precision, efficiency, stability, and intelligence.

During a live demonstration, various product moulding solutions were showcased, including a 0.3mm ultra-thin LED panel base, a 25mm ultra-thick PMMA lens, a SIM card holder, and a silicone lamp. These examples highlight the series’ versatility across multiple application domains.

Engaging Innovation: Chen Hsong’s Tech Draws Crowds at Plastivision

Throughout the exhibition, Chen Hsong’s innovative products, featuring advanced double-platen technology, super energy-saving all-electric technology, and precision hydraulic technology, captivated many visitors for in-depth discussions. Attendees explored potential collaborations and integrated solutions with the Chen Hsong team for leading-edge technology.

Driving Innovation in India’s Booming Plastic Sector

As one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, India’s plastic industry is experiencing rapid expansion, with a continual rise in plastic consumption. As a global leader in solution provision, Chen Hsong has thoroughly invested in and cultivated the Indian market, focusing on market, service, and production technology. Its products, including double-platen, triple-platen, high-speed packaging, and all-electric injection moulding machines, have achieved remarkable success in the local market.

The exhibition provided an opportunity for Chen Hsong to discuss and exchange ideas with industry experts and customers, offering high-quality products and comprehensive services. In the future, Chen Hsong is committed to applying its 65 years of technical expertise to meet local market demands, continuously providing highly cost-effective and competitive injection moulding solutions for win-win cooperation.”

Why Choose CH India for Your Injection Moulding Needs?

At Chen Hsong Machinery India (CHMI), we’re not just a supplier of state-of-the-art injection moulding machines, but a committed partner helping to augment your plastic manufacturing processes. Officially established as the regional representative of the globally renowned Chen Hsong Group in 2018, CHMI is the convergence of international expertise and local understanding, facilitating seamless services for our valued customers.

Our adept team, with its unwavering commitment to swift customer service, timely spare parts delivery, and comprehensive turnkey solutions, propels the Indian plastics industry forward. With our headquarters in Delhi and additional centers across India, as well as our plans for further expansion, we ensure we’re within reach for our customers.

Our extensive warehouses stock multiple injection moulding machines, enabling reduced lead times and streamlined service delivery.

Looking towards the future, we aim to establish a fully operational assembly line by 2024, enhancing our locally produced range of injection moulding machines and remaining at the cutting edge of the plastic injection moulding industry.

We’re committed to providing maximum value for our customers, facilitated by impeccable quality, advanced technologies, and a continuous pursuit of innovation.

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