SI - Superior India

Tailored specifically to Indian industrial needs, the Mk6.6/SI-“SI” standing for “Superior India”-is a new jewel in Chen Hsong’s crown. It’s the product of more than three decades of our meticulous work in India, a testament to our deep understanding of the region’s unique needs and priorities. This machine is much more than a tool; it’s a tailor-made solution, crafted to perfectly fit the Indian manufacturing landscape.

MK6.6/SI Servo-Driven Injection Machines

Tailored specifically to Indian industrial needs

The Mk6.6/SI leverages 65 years of Chen Hsong’s pioneering experience in injection moulding, honed by the latest technological advancements and merged seamlessly with proprietary Japanese Precision Hydraulics™ technology. The outcome is an equipment capable of silky smooth, high-speed motion, setting new industry benchmarks for speed, stability, and reliability.

The ‘SI’ series’ key feature is its precision linear guideway in the injection unit. This innovation boosts moulding accuracy, cuts cycle times, improves load management, and augments rigidity, while reducing maintenance demands. Altogether, it significantly enhances performance and reliability.

MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A05
MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A06

The CPC6.6 leverages the ITRON industrial-grade hard-real-time OS, commonly used in hig h-end Japanese machine tools for extremely high repeatability and short reaction times.

Brain of the Machine - Power and Ergonomics Perfected

Next-gen intelligent computer controller

High-speed advanced CPU provides ample computing power for closed-loop calculations, leading to lightning-speed responses,ultra-high precision and exceptional repeatability.
  • 112″/15″ large-sized touch-screen LCD panel
  • 2Wicked-fast CPU for lightning responses
  • 3Ultimate user-friendly HMI
  • 4Intelligent controls and easy smart tuning
  • 5Over-drive performance
  • 6Comprehensive features set

Perfect Parts from High-Precision Injection Unit

Linear guide rails for injection

  • 1High Accuracy – Low friction linear guides ensure silky-smooth , highly repeatable injection curves.
  • 2High Speed – Inject at high speeds without sacrificing precision, that’s a guarantee.
  • 3Improved rigidity compared to traditional sliding guides, increasing machine stability and extending operational lifespan.
MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A07

Break-Away Performance Speaks for Itself

Application cases

Part Specifications

LED lighting part
Shot Weight : 121g
Cavities: 8
Resin : PC
Cycle Time : 32.4s

Weight : 350kg
Dimensions : 400mmx400mmx300cmm

Production Data for LED Lighting Part

CPK (Process Capability Index)- higher is better, indicating higher stability and quality.
Product Weight Distribution
MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A09
Wall Thickness Distribution
MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A09

Breaks No Sweat - Sustainable Productivity

CMK (Machine Capability Index) – higher is better, indicating higher repeatability and better control

How Fast Is Fast Enough

Dry Cycle Comparison
Clamp Open Position Distribution
MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A10
MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A11
MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A12


MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A13

Competition X 160T

MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A14

Competition Y 160T

0 %
Faster Dry Cycle
0 %
More Speed

Advanced Toggle Design from Decades Of Experience

Optimised motion control

Professional Japanese mechanical experts took the latest and newest in toggle design and hand-fitted a motion-control profile based on large amounts of software simulation and real-life verification.
  • 1Minimized friction and shock
  • 2Uniform Tie bar tension distribution
  • 3High parallelism
  • 4Reduced Toggle wear
MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A15
MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A16

Fast and Precise - Perfect Union of Toggle Design and Hydraulics

Professional Japanese mechanical experts took the latest and newest in toggle design and hand-fitted a motion-control profile based on large amounts of software simulation and real-life verification.

Patented High Strength Platens

Low platen deformation

Low platen deformation ensures high part quality and superior mould protection.
The centre of both platens is thickened to achieve lower deformation, and thus more uniform clamping force on the mould, than most competitive offerings.
MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A17
MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A18

The Part Is Only as Good as the Screw

Professional Japanese screw designs

Professional Japanese screw designs are well suited for most resins and mixing requirements
MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A19

Well-suited for all Applications

MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A20

Bimetallic Screws

MK6.6SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines-A21

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