SPEED High-Speed Servo Series


Designed by Japanese experts

The secret ingredient behind this unbelievable performance is Precision Hydraulicstm technology – a Japanese-based technological revolution that achieves unprecedented pre-cise and accurate motion control at the highest operating speeds. The result is performance, reliability and stability infinitely close to Japanese-standard injection moulding machines, operating at 300-500mm/s injection and as short as a 1.5-second dry cycle.

Precision Hydraulics™

Redefining high-precision injection

“Brains over Brawn” – Precision HydraulicsTM is a revolutionary technology developed by senior Japanese engineers over many years of intensive research. It employs the latest in software simulation technology and the most updated control theory to all but eliminate unnecessary pressure drops, yielding a hydraulic circuit that is highly optimised, virtually shock-free, and smooth as silk. A machine equipped with Precision Hydraulicstm technology can easily match the performance of a Japanese-standard injection moulding machine costing double or triple the price.

All-new Intelligent Controller

  • 1 Complies with JIS and IEC testing standards
  • 2Named-brand high-definition 10″ TFT color LED screen
  • 3Integrated EtherCAT high-speed bus system
  • 4Integrated closed-loop function
  • 5Optimize barrel temperature PID algorithms
  • 6Optimize injection control algorithms
  • 7Optimize mould open control algorithms
  • 8Multiple languages
  • 9Intelligent fault diagnostics
  • 10Industrie 4.0 interface

Optimised injection unit design superior melt quality and plasticising speed

Standard injection unit is specially optimised for high-speed applications with higher injection speeds and pressure.

Very thick (and strong) platens minimal platen and toggle deformations

Optimised platen design distributes stresses
evenly for higher part quality

Very strong machine base

Designed to match the unique require-ments of ultra-high-speed motion curves,the machine base is specially designed to enhance structural strength, rigidity and stability by 50%, thus ensuring the highest part quality.

Perfect alignment even stress distribution helps eliminate rejects

Stress is channelled through the centre of the moving platen before distributing outwards evenly. Advanced Japanese mechanical design guarantees perfect alignment of the four corners at all moments, effec-tively eliminating flashes.

Oil-less graphite bushings friction-free, oil-free

Self-lubricating bushings have no need for lubricating oil while providing superior lubrication day in and day out, reducing unnecessary wear. Result is less pollution, less wear, less costs. Everyone wins.

Ultra high speed, high precislon, fast responses top-of-the-line high-response servomotor with 2x faster dynamic responses

Faster responses for higher repeatability, control precision and energy efficiency

Balanced dual hydraulic cylinders and linear guide rails low friction mechanism for high precision injection control

Non-contact potentiometers for the highest accuracy during high-speed injection; Eliminates wear and interfer-ences for ultimate stability

A New Industry Benchmark For Low-pressure Mould Protection

High-precision linear potentiometers are used for the clamping, injection and ejector axes which, when combined with highly-optimised algorithms, enable superior low-pressure mould protection – effective even with obstacles thinner than 0.1mm (or the thickness of a sheet of paper)!

Before clamp close, put in a sheet of standard A4 paper

Almost closing, detecting paper

Low-pressure mould protection causes clamp to open

A4 paper is not even punctured through!

Wide Adaptability - A Machine for All Seasons

Perfect for all applications in diverse industries, meets all needs

Thin-Walled Packaging

Precision Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Medical Consumables

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