All-Electric Machine

Redefining the general-purpose all-electric

The SPARK AE series is an all-electric product line ideal for the production of mass-volume, fast-cycle, high precision and demanding parts with the lowest power consumption level in the industry and superior long-term stability.
SPARK AE All-Electric Machine-A04
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Four Core Innovations


Agile Boost Control (ABC)

SPARK AE All-Electric Machine-A05
Marriage of a proprietary ultra-high-response servo system with very-high-speed advanced computer control, yielding no-compromise levels of responsiveness – from zero to 2000rpm in less than 30ms! That is ten times faster than traditional all-electric machines (300ms) in the China market!

Auto Stress Release System (ASRS)

SPARK AE All-Electric Machine-A06
Auto Stress Release System (ASRS) is a revolutionary technology that, again, employs high-speed computer algorithms that dynamically monitors via high-speed digital pressure transducers, the actual motion of the injection screw (<1ms scan time).
Then computer controller makes real-time adjustments to the motion of the screw when detecting motions that may lead to accumulation of internal stresses on the part – typically the No.1 enemy of high yields and the No.1 reason for rejects.

AxP With Floating Point Toggle

SPARK AE All-Electric Machine-A07
Algorithmic Cross-Protection (AxP) is based on high-end electronics, fine-tuned mechanical design and high-speed computer algorithms, it provides total protection to the mould during high-speed clamp closing by monitoring and adjusting, in real-time, the dynamical motions of the clamping ball-screw.

All Adapt (AA)

SPARK AE All-Electric Machine-A08
All-Adapt is a package of technologies that enables an all-electric injection moulding machine to gain a wide application window, from ultra-thin-walled moulding (such as high-speed packaging) to thick-walled, high-pressure parts (such as optics).

Six Performance Components

SPARK AE All-Electric Machine-A089

Tie-bars are detached from the moving platen, eliminating friction and noise

Named-brand high-precision pressure transducers ensure the finest performance and protection levels

High-precision linear guide rails for injection units

Specialty-developed IPM servomotor with fast response, large torque, low noise and mild temperature profile

Euromap-style ejector support, wide applicability for different moulds

Centralised automatic lubrication system.
No manual control needed. No mistakes.
No wastage. Fit for clean-room environments

Six Leading Advantages

SPARK AE All-Electric Machine-A10
15″ touch-screen, easy-to-use HMI with user-friendly UI – power at your fingertips.

Intelligent Control

  • 1Auto Stress Release System (ASRS) Ensures high-yielding parts by dynamically releasing internal stresses.
  • 2High Speed CPU for Real-time Calculations Software dynamically adjusts and compensates all hardware motion during injection, holding, recovery, ejection and clamping.
  • 3Ultra-fast Responses High-end CPU enables lightning speed closed-loop calculations for ultra-fast dynamic responses, superior precision and perfect repeatability.

Efficiency and Speed

faster dry cycle time than competition offerings due to SPARK AE’s highly responsive advanced servosystem.

0 %

Faster cycles for higher returns

SPARK AE All-Electric Machine-A11

Reliability and Precision

Patented Circular Platen design ensures even stress distribution and low deformations for higher quality parts and superior dimensional stability, comparison between major brands on platen deformation under similar clamping conditions.
SPARK AE All-Electric Machine-A12
Unique Patented Circular Platen Design
SPARK AE All-Electric Machine-A13
High-strength Machine Base Designed in Japan

Stability and Quality

longer sustainable holding time than competition offerings under real-life production conditions.
0 %

Longer sustainable holding time



One machine to make them all – from ultra-thin parts requiring ultra-fast speed and responses, to ultra-thick parts demanding rock-solid stability under low-speed and prolonged high-pressure conditions.
SPARK AE All-Electric Machine-A14

All Adapt (AA)

SPARK AE All-Electric Machine-A15

LED lighting part

SPARK AE All-Electric Machine-A16

Headlamp lens


Power Efficiency

Redefining The Benchmark For Low Energy Consumption,

Actual Comparison:



Regular 300T all-electric


0 %
lower power consumption than competition offerings
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