Wrapping Up with Excellence: Chen Hsong at the 6th Technology Conference for Plastic Industry Growth in India

The curtains may have drawn to a close, but the reverberations of Chen Hsong’s monumental contributions to the Technology Conferences for the Growth of the Plastic Industry in India will resonate for years to come. Over six illuminating conferences held across the nation’s major cities, we took our audience on an expedition into the future of injection moulding, punctuating our commitment to the ‘Make in India, Make for the World’ initiative.

Six Conferences, One Vision: Transforming India’s Plastics Landscape

From our kick-off event in Delhi to our closing conference in Kolkata, Chen Hsong’s dedication to advancing the plastic moulding sector in India was clear. 

At each stop of our six-city tour, Mr. Dave Fung, Senior Assistant to Chairman – Technical and Special Projects, consistently captivated attendees with his profound expertise on injection moulding. With an impressive surge in attendance across all our Indian venues and an outpouring of positive feedback from industry stalwarts and newcomers alike, it’s clear that our efforts have deeply resonated. 

Shaping Tomorrow: Technologies & Machines Leading the Way

  • Automotive Applications: With Two-Platen case studies revealing optimised cycle times and improved yield in automotive panel production, Chen Hsong’s machinery proved itself a cornerstone in automotive manufacturing.
  • Food Packaging: Our SPEED-PACK II 400 was a sensation, unveiling efficient packaging possibilities with in-mould labeling, setting a new benchmark for quality and speed.
  • White Goods Production: The JM-MK6.6/SI machines gave the world a vision of the future for white goods manufacturing, marrying efficiency with impeccable quality.
  • Large Parts & Medical Applications: Our machinery showcased the limitless potential in producing large plastic trays and in addressing the meticulous needs of medical applications.
  • Optical Lens Manufacturing: The JM668MK6 stood as a testament to our dedication, ushering in cutting-edge techniques in manufacturing thick-walled optical lenses for car headlights.

Unwavering Commitment to Our Partners

As much as our conferences celebrated innovation, they also championed our unwavering commitment to our partners and customers. Chen Hsong Machinery India (CHMI) was showcased not just as a supplier but as a lifelong ally, facilitating swift customer service, timely deliveries, and bespoke solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the Indian market.

Looking Ahead

The conclusion of our 6th Technology Conference in Kolkata does not mark an end, but rather the beginning of a new chapter. With plans to inaugurate a fully operational assembly line by 2024, our aspirations for the future remain sky-high. We extend our deepest gratitude to all our participants, partners, and patrons for their continuous support. The unwavering enthusiasm and passion of our audience have spurred us on, and we remain committed to pushing the envelope of innovation. Thank you for journeying with us through this technological odyssey. Here’s to more breakthroughs, innovations, and collaborations in the world of plastics!

Why Choose CH India for Your Injection Moulding Needs?

At Chen Hsong Machinery India (CHMI), we’re not just a supplier of state-of-the-art injection moulding machines, but a committed partner helping to augment your plastic manufacturing processes. Officially established as the regional representative of the globally renowned Chen Hsong Group in 2018, CHMI is the convergence of international expertise and local understanding, facilitating seamless services for our valued customers.

Our adept team, with its unwavering commitment to swift customer service, timely spare parts delivery, and comprehensive turnkey solutions, propels the Indian plastics industry forward. With our headquarters in Delhi and additional centers across India, as well as our plans for further expansion, we ensure we’re within reach for our customers.

Our extensive warehouses stock multiple injection moulding machines, enabling reduced lead times and streamlined service delivery.

Looking towards the future, we aim to establish a fully operational assembly line by 2024, enhancing our locally produced range of injection moulding machines and remaining at the cutting edge of the plastic injection moulding industry.

We’re committed to providing maximum value for our customers, facilitated by impeccable quality, advanced technologies, and a continuous pursuit of innovation.

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