Innovation & Precision at KPLEX 2024: A Glimpse into Chen Hsong’s Groundbreaking Technologies

KPLEX 2024

KPLEX 2024, happening from April 26th to 29th at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre, marks a pivotal moment for the industry, and we are proud to be at the heart of it.

As pioneers in injection moulding machinery since 1958, our mission has always been to blend innovation with unbeatable quality, and this year, we invite you to witness how our latest solutions are setting new benchmarks for precision and energy efficiency.

A Warm Invitation from Chen Hsong

The Chen Hsong team in India is eager to welcome you to our booth, where we will showcase our commitment to the Indian and global plastics industries. Our participation in KPLEX 2024 is more than a display of machinery; it’s an opportunity to meet you, understand your needs, and discuss how our latest products can drive your business to new heights.

At Booth No. A16, discover our high-precision, energy-efficient solutions that are designed to meet the challenges of today’s manufacturing landscape.

Spotlight on Technology: SM160-EV3 and JM168-MK6.6/SI-WP

At the heart of Chen Hsong’s showcase are two cutting-edge machines: the SM160-EV3 and the JM168-MK6.6/SI-WP, each embodying the pinnacle of injection moulding technology tailored for efficiency and precision.

EV3 Series-Servo Drive Injection Moulding Machine-A04
EV3 Series-Servo Drive Injection Moulding

Reliability and Timeless Performance , Classic Best Seller!

The SM160-EV3, part of the Super Master Series, represents a leap in servo drive injection moulding machines. With up to 80% energy savings compared to traditional systems, this machine sets new standards for environmental stewardship while maintaining unmatched precision and stability.

Its advanced clamping mechanism and injection unit ensure superior efficiency, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers looking to optimize production and reduce operational costs.

MK6.6/SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines​
MK6.6/SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines​

The New Standard in Appliance Manufacturing

The JM168-MK6.6/SI, dubbed ‘Superior India’, is a testament to Chen Hsong’s commitment to the Indian market. Incorporating over three decades of localized experience, this servo-driven injection machine combines Japanese Precision Hydraulics™ with a proprietary design to offer unmatched speed, stability, and reliability.

Its precision linear guideway enhances moulding accuracy, ensuring high-quality outputs tailored to the specific needs of the Indian industrial landscape.

Your Future Awaits at Booth No. A16

At Chen Hsong India, we’re passionate about forging strong relationships that go beyond transactions. KPLEX 2024 is our chance to meet, tackle your unique challenges, and explore innovative solutions that can propel your business. Join us at Booth No. A16 to discover a future shaped by collaboration and technological excellence in plastics processing.

Contact: Mr Murthy
Representative Area: Bangalore

Contact no.: +91 9986149022
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Together, let’s set new benchmarks for the industry. We can’t wait to welcome you and start this journey. See you at KPLEX 2024!

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