High-Speed Machine

A real "high-speed machine" tailored for thin-walled and packaged injection products!

The SPEED-PACK II, powered by Precision Hydraulics™ technology, competes with top Japanese hydraulic solutions. It excels with unmatched speed, stability, precision, and repeatability, perfect for thin-walled and packaged injection products.
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Precision Hydraulics™

Redefining high-precision injection

Exclusive Precision Hydraulics™ technology endows the SPEED-PACK II with performance close to high-end Japanese hydraulic offerings. Exceptional speed, stability, repeatability and precision are all in a different league from competition offerings.
Case in point: a complete dry clamping cycle requires only 1.5 seconds, while achieving 500mm/s on injection.
0 mm/s
Maximum injection speed

Advanced High-Response Computer Controller

  • 1 Complies with JIS and IEC testing standards
  • 2Named-brand high-definition 10″ TFT color LED
  • 3Integrated EtherCAT high-speed bus system
  • 4LED backlight with high brightness and long life
  • 5Advanced SMT technology with highest stability and reliability
  • 6Multiple languages
  • 7Intelligent fault diagnostics
  • 8Online operational instructions
  • 9Industrie 4.0 interface
SPEED-PACK II-High-Speed Machine-A06
SPEED-PACK II-High-Speed Machine-A07

High efficiency specialty screw

Superior melt quality and plasticising speed
SPEED-PACK II-High-Speed Machine-A08

Very thick (and strong) platens

Minimal platen and toggle deformations
SPEED-PACK II-High-Speed Machine-A09

Balanced dual hydraulic cylinders and linear guide rails

Low friction mechanism for high precision injection control
SPEED-PACK II-High-Speed Machine-A10

Very strong machine base

Machine base is rock-solid stable, ensuring the highest yield possible even for difficult products
SPEED-PACK II-High-Speed Machine-A11

Perfect alignment

Even stress distribution helps eliminate rejects
SPEED-PACK II-High-Speed Machine-A12

Ultra high speed, high precision, fast responses

Top-of-the-line high-response servomotor with 2x faster dynamic responses

A Machine Fit for Most Applications

Most industries... and all your needs.
SPEED-PACK II-High-Speed Machine-A13

Thin-Walled Packaging

Produce the full range of thin-walled packaging products efficiently and effectively, with turnkey projects.

SPEED-PACK II-High-Speed Machine-A14

High-Glass Consumer Products

Easily produce high-gloss automotive, appliances, 3C and 5G parts with strict surface quality specs and no post treatment step.

SPEED-PACK II-High-Speed Machine-A15

Medical Consumables

Clean, efficient and highly stable, complete solution to produce the full range of medical consumables, including syringes, drippers, petri dishes and other disposable medical supplies.

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