Dive Deeper into the World of Injection Moulding at Our Next Technology Conference for the Plastic Industry

At Chen Hsong, our persistent drive for innovation and excellence in the plastic injection moulding industry continues. It was with this spirit that we recently participated in the First Technology Conference for the Growth of the Plastics Industry in Delhi. We are excited to invite you to join us on our continuing journey as we gear up for the next stop – Mumbai, on July 7th, 2023.

Our very own Mr. Dave Fung, Senior Assistant to Chairman – Technical and Special Projects, graced the conference with his expertise and insights into the world of injection moulding. His presentation not only unveiled our latest technology and innovations but also shed light on their practical applications, reflecting on our commitment to the ‘Make in India, Make for the World‘ initiative.


Here’s a brief look at what we discussed:

Exploring Injection Moulding Solutions for Automotive Applications

Delving into the automotive sector, Mr. Fung presented real-world case studies that illustrate how Chen Hsong’s technology can revolutionize production methods, optimize cycle times, and improve yield. Our machinery’s precision and efficiency in producing automotive instrument panels and door panels exemplify our capabilities.

Noteworthy examples include:

  • The Glass Overmoulding case, where cycle time was reduced from 90 to 55 seconds and yield improved from 95% to 99%.
  • The Audi Q5 seat back interior IMD case saw cycle time reduced from 120 to 70 seconds and yield increased from 93% to 99%.
  • The case of automotive instrument panels, where product weight repeatability was less than ±0.17% and yield was a remarkable 99%.

Elevating Efficiency in Food Packaging with Superior Moulding Technology

Mr. Fung introduced our ground-breaking solution for efficient and fast packaging with in-mould labeling – the SPEED-PACK II 400 . This technology aims to empower businesses to optimize their production timelines while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Pioneering Innovations for High-Gloss Appliances

Our TV Panel, white goods production, achieved with the JM-MK6 machines, is an example of the future of white goods manufacturing. We showcased how our technology can increase production pass rates and reduce timelines, fostering efficiency and excellence in the industry.

Pushing Boundaries in Large Parts Injection Moulding & Medical Applications

We delved into our advancements in the production of large plastic trays and the specialised requirements of medical applications. This insight into our machinery’s role in enhancing productivity while ensuring precision and quality showcased our commitment to technological growth in the industry.

Driving Forward with Advanced Optical Lens Manufacturing Techniques

Our specialised injection moulding machine, the JM668MK6-D60, was highlighted as an innovative solution for manufacturing thick-walled optical lenses for car headlights. This showed our dedication to furthering precision, consistency, and technological capabilities in the industry.


Meet Us at the Next Conference: Learn and Grow with Chen Hsong’s Advanced Injection Moulding Solutions

The journey continues and we invite you to join us at the forthcoming Technology Conferences for Growth of the Plastics Industry. Whether you’re looking to enhance productivity, increase efficiency, or venture into new applications, these conferences provide a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and network with industry professionals.

Here are the upcoming conference dates for your calendar:

 🗓🗓7th July, 2023 – Mumbai

 🗓28th July, 2023 – Ahmedabad

🗓 10th August, 2023 – Bangalore

🗓 18th August, 2023 – Chennai

🗓 31st August, 2023 – Kolkata

Why Choose CH India for Your Injection Moulding Needs?

At Chen Hsong Machinery India (CHMI), we’re not just a supplier of state-of-the-art injection moulding machines, but a committed partner helping to augment your plastic manufacturing processes. Officially established as the regional representative of the globally renowned Chen Hsong Group in 2018, CHMI is the convergence of international expertise and local understanding, facilitating seamless services for our valued customers.

Our adept team, with its unwavering commitment to swift customer service, timely spare parts delivery, and comprehensive turnkey solutions, propels the Indian plastics industry forward. With our headquarters in Delhi and additional centers across India, as well as our plans for further expansion, we ensure we’re within reach for our customers.

Our extensive warehouses stock multiple injection moulding machines, enabling reduced lead times and streamlined service delivery.

Looking towards the future, we aim to establish a fully operational assembly line by 2024, enhancing our locally produced range of injection moulding machines.

Our mantra, “Focus, Determination, Skill”, drives us to remain at the cutting edge of the plastic injection moulding industry. We’re committed to providing maximum value for our customers, facilitated by impeccable quality, advanced technologies, and a continuous pursuit of innovation.

We hope these insights pique your interest and stimulate further exploration into the boundless possibilities of Chen Hsong plastic injection moulding. The Mumbai conference promises an even deeper dive into the technological advances in the plastics industry.

Join us at the Lalit Hotel on July 7th, 2023, for the next Technology Conference for Growth of the Plastic Industry. Together, let’s ‘Make in India, Make for the World’, fostering growth, innovation, and sustainable practices. We look forward to welcoming you.

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