Servo-Driven Injection Machines​

Tailored specifically to Indian industrial needs, the Mk6.6/SI-“SI” standing for “Superior India”-is a new jewel in Chen Hsong’s crown.

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MK6.6/SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines​
MK6.6/SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines​-CPC6.6

CP6.6 Controller

MK6.6/SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines​-Linear guides

Linear guides

MK6.6/SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines​-Strong Platens

Strong Platens

MK6.6/SI-Servo-Driven Injection Machines​-Advanced Toggle Design

Advanced Toggle Design

Need Customization?

No matter what your specific injection moulding machine application, — whether hydraulic, electric, or hybrid — we provide you with reliable, high-quality parts while keeping costs down.
To meet your unique needs, CH-India (Official Distributor Chen Hsong Group has access to even more machine series and custom configurations, learn more about our capabilities or to discuss how we can help you with your high-volume production needs, reach out to us today.

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