DM III Injection Moulding Series

Your professional multi-mat solution

The third-generation DM III, from Chen Hsong’s acclaimed DM-series, provides modular technical upgrades for improved power, speed, precision, stability, reliability, ease of operation, and versatility in multi-material injection moulding.
DM III Injection Moulding Series-A04
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Four Core Patented Technologies


Patented Tightening Mechanism


DM III Injection Moulding Series-A05
The DM III’s advanced dynamic adaptive technology adeptly handles the stresses from oversized and heavy moulds, a significant threat to the turntable mechanism. In doing so, it maintains turntable precision and boosts part quality and mould protection.

Patented Support Mechanism


DM III Injection Moulding Series-A06
The DM III’s proprietary support structures successfully counteract the constant downward stress from mould weights on a multi-material machine’s turntable. This, in turn, reduces friction among components, minimizing wear and maintaining precision even during regular operations.

Patented Ejection Mechanism


DM III Injection Moulding Series-A07
The turntable, when rotating, is separated from the moving platen using a proprietary mechanism for friction-free motion, greatly extending usage life and maintaining mechanical precision.

Patented Relief Mechanism


DM III Injection Moulding Series-A08
Proprietary relief mechanism on the injection units prevents rotational motion on the injection cylinders, effectively maintaining precision and increasing part yield.

Five Pro Components

DM III Injection Moulding Series-A09

Patented Relief Mechanism

  • 1Strengthened tail platen and enhanced toggle design
  • 2Enlarged space between tie bars (268T)
  • 3Enlarged maximum mould thickness (168-268T)
  • 4Digital back pressure control

Patented Relief Mechanism

DM III Injection Moulding Series-A10
Good cooling performance is vital towards multi-mat production and high yields. The DM Ill boasts the best cooling structure in the industry with Teflon piping that can withstand temperatures from -50C to 160C.

Patented Relief Mechanism

DM III Injection Moulding Series-A11
Quality (and yield) of a multi-mat part is only as good as the precision and repeatability of turntable positional control. The DM IlI, with its unique mec-hanical + hydraulic fixing mechanism, ensures perfect alignment during every cycle. That’s precision you can count on.

Linear Guide Rails

  • 1Silky Smooth – low friction
  • 2Better control and accuracy leads to higher precision
  • 3Low friction enables higher speeds and better control
  • 4Longer usage life
  • 5Higher positional accuracy for higher yields

High-Strength Machine Base

Improved structural stability, reduced deformation and enhanced torsion resistance from thicker and stronger I-beams that make up the machine base, plus an optimised design created through high-end computer stress simulations of various loading conditions.
DM III Injection Moulding Series-A12

Smart and Intelligent

Professional Controllers

DM III Injection Moulding Series-A13
DM III Injection Moulding Series-A14

Smoother motion

DM III Injection Moulding Series-A15

Higher yields

DM III Injection Moulding Series-A16

Higher positional precision

Proprietary Multi-Mat Advanced Controller


Rotational and related auxiliary motions of the turntable are controlled by a professional, multi-mat-dedicated controller on the DM 111, with proprietary advanced algorithms and real­time dynamic adjustments to yield unparalleled repeatability and positional precision.

Real-time dynamic adjustments- exceptional control over multi-material molding operations

CAN bus expandability and Multi mode for easy equipment connection and varied injection modes.

Ultra-fast CPU scan time and precise temperature control for the most demanding manufacturing conditions

The DM III is EtherCAT-compliant, ensuring seamless integration within existing industrial automation systems.

Higher Yields at Your Fingertips
DM III Injection Moulding Series-A17

High-precision Injection Control Enabled By Ether Cat Control Bus

Part Specifications
Part: Lighter Enclosure
Resins: ABS + TPE
Cavities: 2
Part Weight (g): 82.7g
Part Specs: 240mmX37mm Wall thickness 3mm
Highly Responsive Dynamic Injection Control (+2%)
DM III Injection Moulding Series-A18
DM III Injection Moulding Series-A19
DM III Injection Moulding Series-A20

Wide Adaptability - A Machine for All Seasons

Perfect for all applications in diverse industries, meets all needs

DM III Injection Moulding Series-A21


DM III Injection Moulding Series-A22


DM III Injection Moulding Series-A23


DM III Injection Moulding Series-A24

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