Chen Hsong Deepens Footprint in the Indian Market at KPLEX 2024

From April 26th to 29th, local time, the third KPLEX 2024 took place at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre in India, bringing together the latest in technology, innovation, processes, and products. The exhibition was a vibrant showcase of industrial transformation, equipment innovation, and future development paths.

Machines on Display:

With an international perspective and a proactive approach to overseas markets, Chen Hsong’s participation was a significant step in its global strategy. At this exhibition, Chen Hsong featured two industry-acclaimed models, the SM160EV3 and JM168-MK6.6/SI-WP, along with integrated solutions that highlighted the company’s strength in technological innovation and product development, attracting considerable attention from attendees.

MK6.6/SI Servo-Driven Injection Machines:
Precision Engineering for India

The Mk6.6/SI, dubbed “Superior India,” is a testament to Chen Hsong’s decades of local expertise. It stands as a bespoke solution for the Indian manufacturing sector, embodying technological excellence with Japanese Precision Hydraulics™. This series is celebrated for its high-speed, stable, and reliable performance, underscored by an injection unit with a precision linear guideway that significantly enhances moulding accuracy and operational efficiency.

The Mk6.6/SI was actively producing washbasins at the exhibition, turning out a 160g PP product within an impressive 26-second cycle. This production highlighted the machine’s adeptness in blending speed with precision, making it a paragon of efficiency for Chen Hsong’s manufacturing capabilities. Each washbasin served as proof of how advanced machinery can fulfil the demand for high-quality consumer products swiftly and reliably.

Stable and Efficient: The EV3 Series Delivers

At the event, the EV3 Series took centre stage as the second generation of Chen Hsong’s Super Master Economic Series Servo Drive injection moulding machines. The reinforced clamping mechanism, fortified machine base, and injection unit were on full display, demonstrating how they contribute to greater efficiency and stability in operation.

The EV3 was actively crafting the 22 spin bottom bar battery with impressive precision. Each 50g PP product, created with a 6-cavity mould, showcased the machine’s prowess with a swift 18-second cycle time. This performance underscored the EV3’s hallmark feature of achieving up to 80% energy savings, a testament to its advanced servo-hydraulic technology. Its precision hydraulics are designed for critical movement axes, achieving repeatability within 0.05% and significantly boosting productivity and product acceptance rates.

Charting New Horizons: Chen Hsong Cements Its Presence in the Indian Market

India has long been a key market in Chen Hsong’s global strategy, always driven by market orientation, customer focus, and product development. The company continuously offers highly cost-effective and competitive integrated solutions to local customers and partners. Today, Chen Hsong has established a strong local sales network and a stable customer base.

This successful exhibition experience will undoubtedly propel Chen Hsong’s business development in India and mark a significant chapter in its strategy for expanding into overseas markets.

Exhibition Preview Next stop, the United States!

Exhibition Name: NPE 2024 The International Plastics Showcase Exhibition

Dates: May 6th – 10th Exhibition

Location: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida

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