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The SUPERMASTER-Series is a revolutionary "true" two-platen design from the Chen Hsong Group. Designed in 3 years with a team led by leading Europe and Japanese industry experts, it represent a unique ccombination of world-class, no ompromise performance and characteristic Chen Hsong affordabilty. Numerous innovations protected by international patents give this machine a price-performance value that is previously undreamt-of.


Tried & Proven

Hundreds of presses from the SM1050 up to SM6500 tons are currently running reliably for customers around the world in every industry.
They deliver high precision, high stability, high speed, and ultimate mold protection without any of the traditional compromises.

Clamping - from 1050 to 6500 tons! 


Major Advantages of SM-TP Machines:

1 The Fastest Clamping Unit Available:
Extremely fast clamp movements(8 seconds dry cycle for SM2200TP) significantly shorten cycle time.

2 Patented tie-bar/hydraulic connection:
 Reduces stress concentration and greatly simplifies maintenance.

3 Patented high-speed automatic mould-heigh adjustment:
Ensures accurate and fast operation.

4 Patented inter-lock mechanism:
Combine high speed and slient operation with extremely high precision and rock-solid reliability.

5 State-of-theArt Injection Unit Design:

  • Extra feeding temperature control zone.
  • 3-colinear ball bearings ensure perfect alignment.
  • Nozzle tip can be moved beyond the fixed platen by up to 300mm.
  • All screws have L/D ratio of 1:22 for optimal melt quality.

6 Exclusive Circular Platen:

  • Patented on ZL 01257876.2.
  • Even stress distribution to moulds - improves production stability and quality.
  • More uniform stress distribution helps extend mould life.
  • Enhanced stiffness and structaral integrity makes this design suitable for all moulding applications.



Ai-12 Ai-12 intelligent networkable computer controller:
The Ai-12 is a high-performance, new-generation intelligent computer controller available exclusively from Chen Hsong.
Designed in Japan and constructed with the latest SMT technology, it boasts fully compatibility with JIS standards, enhanced stability and ultimate reliability.
This controller comes standard with multi-lingual interfaces, built-in networking, advanced intelligent diagnostics, and the ability to retain data for over five years without external power.

Saves up to 80% Electricity

1 Energy Saving:
Save up to 80% of electricity compared to traditional fixed pumps systems.

2 Ultimate Response:
Response speed is more than double of a variable displacement pump.

3 Ultimate Precision & Repeatability:
Up to0.5% repeatability even under extremely low speed & prolonged holding conditions.

4 Long Operational Life:
Low oil temperature conserves cooling water and reduces the need for hydraulic oil, thus extending the useable lives of hydraulic parts.



Choose your options:
(t)= Tonnage

    Electric screw drive screw for high speed and on-fly operations
    Integrated Hot runner system (control and hardware)
    Integrated valve gate (hydraulic/pneumatic) control and hardware
    Herzog shot-off nozzle
    Additional hydraulic core pullers or air blast up to 6 sets of each
    Gas assist injection for light weight productions
    Accumulated injection for thin wall productions
    Bimetallic Barrel and screw design for engineered and reinforced materials(with Glass Fiber,etc.)
    Special made machines for rigid UPVC production including widen safety doors and air cooled barrel heater bands.
    Special made machines for PET production with higher capacity of injection and recovery and 1:23 L/D ratio and reinforced ejection system.
    Special made machines for PET production with higher capacity of injection and recovery and 1:25 L/D ratio and reinforced ejection system.
    Local or long distance networking, monitoring capability and Industry 4.0 ready
    Automation ready