Simple, Stable and Inclusive

Driven by the revolutionary intelligence servo system, Super Master Energy Saving Closed Loop IMM Series combines a fast-response gear pump with a high-precision servo motor, integrated with a proprietary servo-drive into an affordable package that guarantees the highest response, highest precision and lowest power consupmption at the same time.


80% Energy Saving 

Major Advantages of SMV Machines:

1Double cylinder design reduces injection unit distance.
2Ion nitrided essential components-barrel,screw etc. ensure lasting life.
3Easy-adjustable and reliable Multi steps injection pressure and speedcontrol.
4Steel bushes have a hardness of HV800 for wear resistances.
4Toggle dimensions and proportions have been adjusted to best match a high-speed motion curve and limit opening and closing impact, resulting in extremely smooth and stable machine operation.
5Precision energy saving servo drive system with large power, it truly meets the high-speed production
6Fast barrel heating with ceramic heaters, continue to provide high heating energy.



Ai-12Ai-12 controller
The Ai-12 is a high performance intelligent controller designed and developed by Japan and fully paseed the JIS standards.

Supported by the latest SMT technology, it maintains greatly stability and reliabilitty.

Data can be retained over five years without external power supply.

Multi-lingual interface for free switch which facilitating study and operation.

B&R B&R controller
The world’s well known company with global service covering more than 63 countries worldwide including 8 customer bases in Taiwan and China for instant services.

Management in the worldwide supply and maintence of parts, which is continuously guaranteed for 10 years. Excellent performance.


1Multilingual operation.
2User Programmable stages of injection speed, holding pressure, backpressure and screw RPM with close loop control.
3Full Function Monitoring.
4Fully modular hardware design with option to add further future automation controls.
5PID temperature control for heigh accuracy.
6Store 1000 modification records like Motor ON/OFF, I/O replace, user LOG IN/OUT state etc.
7User levels can be set as per log in passwords.
8Option to set toggle order/crank position to increase the stability.
9Generate Alarms, create logs of alarm history for easier troublesooting.


Choose your machine:
(t)= Tonnage
Electric screw drive screw for high speed and on-fly operations
Integrated Hot runner system (control and hardware)
Integrated valve gate (hydraulic/pneumatic) control and hardware
Herzog shot-off nozzle
Additional hydraulic core pullers or air blast up to 6 sets of each
Gas assist injection for light weight productions
Accumulated injection for thin wall productions
Special Barrel and screw design for engineered and reinforced materials (with Glass Fiber, etc.)
Special made machines for rigid UPVC production including widen safety doors and air cooled barrel heater bands.
Special made machines for PET production with higher capacity of injection and recovery and 1:25 L/D ratio and reinforced ejection system.
Local or long distance networking, monitoring capability and Industry 4.0 ready
Automation ready