High Precision & Good Quality

Driven by the revolutionary intelligence servo system, Super Master EV2 Series combines a fast-response piston pump with a high-precision servo drive, integrated with a proprietary servo controller into an affordable package that guarantees the highest response, highest precision and lowest owed consupmption at the same time.


80% Energy Saving 

Major Advantages of EV2 Machines:

1Water and power saving up to 80%.
2Ultimate Response Speed is more than double of a variable displacement pump.
3Excellent Repeatability up to 0.5% even under extremely low speed & prolonged holding conditions.
4High Precision ensures good quality of products.
5Low Noise creates more comfortable production environment.
6Long Operational Life resulted from low water and low hydraulic oil consumption.



Ai-12Ai-12 controller
The Ai-12 is a high performance intelligent controller designed and developed by Japan and fully paseed the JIS standards.

Supported by the latest SMT technology, it maintains greatly stability and reliabilitty.

Data can be retained over five years without external power supply.

Multi-lingual interface for free switch which facilitating study and operation.

B&R B&R controller
The world’s well known company with global service covering more than 63 countries worldwide including 8 customer bases in Taiwan and China for instant services.

Management in the worldwide supply and maintence of parts, which is continuously guaranteed for 10 years. Excellent performance.


1Five-stage injection speed and seven-stage injection pressure.
2Computerised temperature control with accuracy ±1°C.
3High torque hydraulic motor with 99-step speed control.
4Self-lubricating bushes are used in injection screw and tie bars for smooth running.
5Avoid molded parts and machine surface become polluted as no eternal oli lubrications is needed.


Choose your machine:
(t)= Tonnage - IR= Injection Rate
80(t) - IR:60~110(cm3/s)
120(t) - IR:102~167(cm3/s)
150(t) - IR:123~188(cm3/s)
180(t) - IR:142~242(cm3/s)
220(t) - IR:130~222(cm3/s)
260(t) - IR:186~309(cm3/s)
320(t) - IR:231~361(cm3/s)
400(t) - IR:323~495(cm3/s)
480(t) - IR:368~530(cm3/s)
560(t) - IR:368~530(cm3/s)
650(t) - IR:418~582(cm3/s)
800(t) - IR:464~693(cm3/s)
1000(t) - IR:648~972(cm3/s)