First Move in 2020! Plastivision India!

Date : 16th – 20th Jan 2020

Location: Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

Booth No.: Hall 1, E2

The grand opening of Plastivision India starts from 16th of Jan 2020, this is one of biggest plastic exhibition and organized once every three years in India.

Chen Hsong presented the SM150EV2 and SM100EJ this time at the show.

High Lights of the Machines:



  • 4 high end servo drives deliver precise clamping and machine movement.
  • Enhanced structural stability for extended lifespan. Simple mechanical design is easier to maintain.
  • Energy consumption is reduced by at least 50% to 80% providing you with real competitive edge.
  • Precision injection molding that fully meets “clean room”requirements.
  • BR APROL process control system.



  • Five-stage injection speed and seven-stage injection pressure.
  • Computerized temperature control with accuracy ±1°C
  • High torque hydraulic motor with 99-step speed control.
  • Self-lubricating bushes are used in injection screw and tie bars for smooth running.
  • Clean and dirt free molded parts and machine surface as no external oil lubrication is needed.

Highlight of the Booth:

Chen Hsong brought two of the most popular injection machine models to the Plastivision show; the SM150EV2 and SM100EJ . Customers were pleased to watch the highly efficient machines in action and show casing turn key solutions for the Indian market.

Chenhsong engineers and sales had their hands full at the show with these two models attracting lots of hype and people lining up for inquiries during the exhibition.

See pictures below: