ChinaPlas 2019 is Coming!

Serving the Plastics Industry with Quality and Technology has always been our motto.

You are cordially invited to a one-of-a-kind display of new product lines and new technologies at the up-coming ChinaPlas 2019

, where Chen Hsong holds two inter-linked exhibition spaces in the Guandzhou main exhibition centre as well as in our Shunde production facility.

Guangzhou exhibition space – Zone A, 401, Booth D01 Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Guangzhou

Shunde exhibition space Chende Industrial Factory, Fengxiang Road, Shunde

JM200-MK6e | Evolution model with production line
JM208-MK6 | 6th Gen High-Speedwith MuCelll micro-foaming
JM400-MK6e | Evolution with automatic inspection line
JM800-MK6 | 6th Gen Large-Tonnage
JM800-MK6 XL | 6th Gen Large-Tonnage with Extra-Large Injection
SM100-SPARK | New Age All-Electric with production line
SM700-TP II | 2nd Gen Two-Platen with LASER-CRAFT and Clouding Big Data
SPEED-PACK 400 | High Speed Packing with production line